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Mar. 15th, 2010

This past weekend, I dove head first back into my research again!  Gosh, forgot how much I missed it.   But I have the genealogy bug (lol) again!

Several amazing discoveries were made as well.  Additionally, several new collateral lines were formed.   I still am fighting the good fight towards discovering more about my elusive ancestor Charlie Barnham Pool(e)'s parentage.   Therefore I give you MADNESS MONDAY!

Here is what I do know about Charlie Barnham Pool(e).  He was born on 5 January 1861 in St. Mary's Township of Raleigh, Wake Co., North Carolina.  He is recorded as deceased on 29 March 1929 also in Wake Co., NC.  His death certificate lists his father as CH Pool(e).  Additionally, the 1870  census records list a Charlie Pool(e)   living in the home of Henry Pool(e) as a seven year old boy.  Could Henry be Charlie B. Pool(e)'s father? Could C.H. Pool(e) stand for Charlie Henry?  And who is Charlie B. Pool(e)'s mother?  This remains undiscovered as yet. 

On a more positive note, I did discover the parentage and subsequent further lineage of Charlie B Pool(e')s wife Azorah Virginia Adams.  Azorah's parents were John E. Adams and Arabella Pool(e).  Yes, Pool(e).   Arabella Pool(e) Adams was born on 07 June 1839.  Her parents were Jonathan Pool(e) and Polly Ellington.  Jonathan Pool(e) and Polly Ellington were married in Clayton, Johnston Co., NC 22 December 1834.  Now just who are Polly Ellington's folks? This is my next task! By my math, Polly should be able to be located as a 15-16 year old girl in the 1850 census records for Johnston Co., NC. 

This now puts me back to the county where I originally started my Parrish family research.  The Parrishes were from Clayton, Johnston Co., NC and it is thru the marriage of my grandfather Herman Harvey Parrish, Sr. to my grandmother Geraldine Ruby Pool(e) that I am connected to the Pool(e) families of Wake and Johnston Co., North Carolina.  Present day Pool(e) family connections reside in Wake Co, NC.   It will be interesting to see when the migration from Johnston Co.,NC to Wake Co., NC specifically took place.  Did they actually leave Johnston Co., NC for Wake or did they stay in the same place and boundary line formations between the two counties occur? 

One last interesting thought on the Pool(e) family. You will note that I have the spelling as Pool with an "e" in parenthesis.  This is to give way for the fact that the spelling might have changed over the years.  And in fact it did.  What is most interesting to note however, is the when the spelling change occurred. It is not until my grandmother's generation (with herself, her brother, and her sister and not even with the parents) that this Poole spelling is recorded.



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